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What's MPLS 
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Connect your business' remote offices, mobile users or partner extranets, reliably and securely.

What is MPLS?

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What is MPLS?

Multiprotocol Label Switching

In a nutshell:

MPLS prioritizes packets so your important phone calls can receive a higher priority than someone in your company downloading a joke from an email. (phone calls won't loose quality) With MPLS you get the highest level of security with the highest QOS.

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We have access to the top MPLS providers in the country. We’ll match your needs with the provider that best fits your business at the most competitive price!
MPLS Network and Service Providers

What MPLS does for your network:
MPLS will modernize your network solution by protecting your business' data with a secure and dependable network that provides quick delivery of your voice and video communications. MPLS allows your business to connect remote offices, mobile users or partner extranets, reliably and securely. In addition, MPLS is scalable for your growing business and it allows your business run at its full potential. (click here for more info)

Transitioning your business to MPLS:
The need for a MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) intelligent network to support your business' growing use of mission-critical applications securely is imperative. The transition to MPLS-based services may seem overwhelming, but as your technology advocate we work with numerous service providers that have developed migration strategies to make your business' transition smooth and effective.

For example, some companies offer free project management for the creation of your network. (click here for more info)

Many carriers also offer migration relief: Cut-over relief, project management and termination relief for existing Frame Relay customers. (click here for more info)

Whitepaper: Making the Move to MPLS White paper: Making the Move from Frame Relay. (click here for more info)

MPLS Networking for your business
With so many MPLS providers to choose from, you're guaranteed to find the perfect solution for your business. Many MPLS network providers use expansive technology backbones that span the country and the globe. Your new MPLS provider can handle the architecture, configuration and management functions of your communications network seamlessly.

MPLS expansion services & products
With most providers, there are a number of complementary services designed to integrate with your solution seamlessly. For example, IQ Networking, which is scalable, customizable and capable of tapping into the full capability of the Internet. From high volume e-mail and application hosting to e-commerce applications and multimedia streaming. (click here for more info)
Other services are available like IQ Enhanced Port, which combines private and public IP service with access through reliable Frame Relay and ATM networks at speeds from T-1 to OC-12. (click here for more info)
VOIP services are also available that utilize the MPLS provider's backbone for dependable VoIP service.

MPLS Service Providers
Voice and data solutions are available that are also used by some of the largest organizations in the country, including top Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Start the process now by letting give your business a quote for MPLS business services that will move your business ahead of the competition. puts you in the hands of telecommunication specialists that can select the best MPLS service provider for your business at the best price.
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